Oct 292009


I didn’t expect a Russian gangster movie to be this good. After I finished watching Brat (Brother) tonight, I was walking around the house, thinking about what I had seen, wondering why I was attracted to such a violent, repulsive movie. But then it occured to me that this film has some Doestoevsky-like qualities to it.

I would guess that I’m not the first person to have said so.

The person who did the subtitles didn’t have a good command of English. But it probably wouldn’t seem right if they were done better. They fit. The one in the screenshot doesn’t make enough sense for me to understand what was so funny about it, but maybe it’s better that way. The WikiQuote page for the film is also a mess — just right for the film.


  • Alter Ego

    Do you know what the word fardeau means in French? “Burden” is most likely that “fardeau”. I am most sure, though I have not watched the movie, that he meant: carry something heavy on you as you’re running, if you don’t want to fall. I guessed it because you said it was funny. (That is, people laughed). If it was funny, then it was most probably this paradox. Like: “if you don’t have problems in your life, you won’t be able to stand straight”.

  • Alter Ego

    It turns out I was wrong. He said (from that Wiki): “Бери ношу по себе, чтоб не падать при ходьбе”. That is, the load that you carry must fit your ability, if you don’t want to fall as you walk. A very plain sentence, no wits here, but something in the situation probably made them laugh. Translate this phrase as you will, it’s not easy at all to translate into English. Ah, and that rhymes.