Mar 032008

Elsewhere I said that the Kalinovski Square film, with its wry, detached approach, might be like what William F. Buckley would have done if he had been a filmmaker. But the person from Belarus who posted it on YouTube says the filmmaker (Yuri Chashchevatsky) did it in the manner of Michael Moore. Well, I’ve not seen any of Michael Moore’s work, so I’ll have to take his (or her) word for it. Can it be, though, that there are similarities between Michael Moore and William F. Buckley? It’s hard to imagine such a thing.

Here is the 8th of the 10 segments. It’s interesting to see how Dasha describes her experiences after the crackdown. Even though she was hauled away to prison and her boyfriend was beaten before being taken to prison, along with many other truckloads of protestors, she doesn’t sound like somebody who is beaten. It’s amazing that people who live under that kind of oppression can sound more optimistic about their future than I do about ours.

She is young. I hope her attitude doesn’t change as she grows older.

slight edit, 4-Mar-2008