Jun 272008

Tonight we got up to section 6 of Ostrov. It’s reminding me a little bit of C.S. Lewis’s, “The Great Divorce.” Pilgrims come to Father Anatoly for prayers and healing, and he has a knack for finding the real problem, which is not necessarily the one they asked for help with. It’s something the petitioners don’t want to let go of, but which they need to do to find joy. (I say joy because it’s a term one might find in a C.S. Lewis book. I’m not sure whether or not it’ll ever appear in a Russian movie.)

This is one of those scenes that we watched tonight. But if you need subtitles, you’ll have to get the version we got from Netflix. (When I watch without subtitles, I sometimes pick up a few words that I missed when I was too busy trying to read and listen at the same time.)