Mar 132009

I got brave enough to edit my first-ever Wikipedia page tonight. It came about because of the actress on the left in the screenshot below.


This time it wasn’t a voice that gave her away, as in the case of Andrei Myagkov (3rd from the left). It was the way of holding her jaw, with mouth slightly open — facial mannerisms that made her seem like a tough hombre. After wondering about it a couple of days, I finally recalled where I had seen her before.


It was in another Eldar Ryazanov film with a similar name — an earlier one: Office Romance. And Myagkov was in that one, too.

Her name is Alisa Freindlich. Her Wikipedia page didn’t list A Cruel Romance in the filmography section, so I added it.

Unfortunately, there is no Wikipedia page for the movie itself, and I wasn’t ambitious enough to start one. One step at a time.


  • ///Unfortunately, there is no Wikipedia page for the movie itself…///

    In Russian, here are:

    By the way, in that page, Wikipedia offers a fragment of the film critic’s text written in 1988 (V. Dyomin). I have translated it:

    As known, this self-assured film adaptation of Bespridanitza (The Fiance without Dowry by A. Ostrovsky) embarrassed many critics The literary critics have launched an attack. They didnt debate about the movie they had not wish it or they had not area in newspaper for it. They said again and again about the A. Ostrovsky play: the writer did cleverer, better, deeper, artsy etc. of course! () However, the sense emphasizes that were re-worked by the film director, you may see, have a sense and link to today.

    Ostrovsky brought out in stage a delicate, defenceless being surrounded by the mighty, titanic men yet terrible like wolves, and contrary to them the writer showed a Little Man yet weak and even vulgar, but who loves sincerely. Eldar Ryazanov says about another thing: he accepted the immorality of Volga Rivers merchants as just actuality, but, seems, he get carried away with their might, score of their life style and freedom from any rules. As for a Little Man, the film director just doesnt know what doing with him and definitely not sympathize him so, here is an unconditional flop of Andrey Myagkov as Karandyshev.

  • By the way, a little info of the movie (in English) is:

  • Reticulator

    Alek, I haven’t watched much of that film yet, but already I kind of see where it’s going. I wish I could have seen the Ostrovsky play.

  • By the way, what I found! the review of ‘Cruel Romance’ from Michael Brooke on