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This is posted here so I can ask a Polish cyberfriend what he knows about the use of this kind of cavalry dress in the early 1600s. I’m also curious as to what birds provided those feathers, and on what occasions those things might have been worn. Presumably they wouldn’t be good in high winds when one needed to be agile. (I still don’t think this is a good movie, but it may not be Mikhalkov’s worst.)


  • This movie is directed by Vladimir Khotinenko, but no Nikita Makhalkov.

    May say, Mikhalkov played a role of the producer. Nevertheless, among Russian viewres he is not considered as the author of this film.

  • Reticulator

    Good point. It seems that for movies Russians use the word “author” in a way we don’t, but I like it. The meaning is clear. It’s a distinction I should be more careful about.

  • // It seems that for movies Russians use the word “author”…//

    yes, but, rather, in an informal way

    // in a way we don’t… //

    I know…
    just with the word “author”, I liked to underlined this circumstance.

    here is info about director Khotinenko’s film list:

    as you see, a movie “1612” is in the director’s list

    here is info about Nikita Mikhalkov’s film list

    the “1612” is lack

    so, I have to say that in this case, Mikhalkov was a “formal boss”, and, as I understand the relations between Mikhalkov and Khotinenko, Nikita Sergeevich hardly interfered in a filmmaking.

    As for dir. Vladimir Khotinenko, I highly recommend his “Mirror for the hero” (Zerkalo dlya geroya)…