Feb 052012

A few weeks ago I learned about the Georgiy Daneliya film, “I Walk Through Moscow”.    In some places it’s spoken of as reminiscent of the French New Wave films of its time.   It was interesting enough to re-watch, and it’ll bear further re-watching.

I’d say it’s a very good film except for one thing:  I had already seen “I am Twenty,” a work by Martin Khutsiev.  It also features young people on the streets of Moscow, and it, too, has been described as reminiscent of the French New Wave films.

I am Twenty“I Walk Through Moscow” is very superficial in comparison.  The characters are interesting but shallow in comparison.   And its camera work, while fun to watch, is nothing compared to “I Am Twenty.”

The Khutsiev film was begun in 1959, but not released until 1965 or 1966.   Khrushchev had denounced it, revisions were made, and still it was not released for wide distribution for several years.  In the meantime “I Walk Through Moscow” came out.

It makes me wonder if Danieliya’s film was a politically correct version that was made in response to Khutsiev’s film.   I have tried using Google to find out, but have not been very successful in finding any articles that compare the two.


  • Lonesome Dove

    i have just seen I am twenty and it is defiantly my fav russian film now the impact was like no other that i experienced with a russian film now I am about to watch the other film and I am not expecting anything much

  • I’ll be interested to learn what you think of the two films side by side.

    It’s about time for me to walk I Walk Through Moscow again. It has been a while.

  • Lonesome Dove

    after watching
    in fact the comparison is not even fair …I am twenty is a masterpiece and is now in my top ten while this film is just for entertainment >>the city scenes might be the only interesting part here…i would say that (Любимая 1965 ) is better it is also a light film with the city being the center..it has an impressive cinematography>

  • I won’t argue with you about I am Twenty vs I Walk Through Moscow. I hadn’t known about the Beloved 1965 film, and am watching it now. Thanks.