Jul 142009


Some time back I wrote about the lack of pipe organs in Russian films, and how the only one I had seen was associated with the bad guys. (Where bad guys = the Germans, in “Alexander Nevsky”). Now I’ve found another. But again, it’s in a German church. The organist is shown here in a screen shot.

This instance occurs in part 3 of “Seventeen Moments of Spring”. (Wikipidia link here because it wasn’t easy for me to find the article for that film, believe it or not.)

The word mgnovenij in the title was new to me, and I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the consonant cluster “mgn”. But the word occurs in the theme song and it turns out it’s pronounced pretty much as I had guessed it might be. At least it is when it’s sung.


  • Interesting, do you watch these series with English subtitles?

    anyway, I found this film on YouTube –

    fragment 1
    (here is Eng subs)

  • Reticulator

    I got it from Memocast, and yes, it has English subtitles as well as Russian ones. But thanks for the link!

  • Can I hope (as a reader of this blog) on your review of “17 mgnovenii” or just some interesting notes of it? 🙂

    btw, in Russia these series are lofty popular as well as “Mesto vstrechi” series…